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Evexia Center

Acupuncturist, chiropractor & reflexologist based in Lagos, We offer various holistic/alternative health and wellness services to heal and reduce stress from clients. Our method of physiotherapy operation includes ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine such as Acupressure/Acupuncture and Indian Ayurveda practices, other therapeutic services rendered are Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Naturopathy, Herbology, Cupping, Moxibustion.


Other therapy services includes: Bioresonance quantum magnetic feedback full body scan, General physiotherapy, foot reflexology, hand Reflexology, aromatherapy, Thai massage, gua sha massage, tuina massage, quantum resonance body diagnosis, Transcutaneous electronerve stimulation, infrared heat therapy.


Our Mission is to prove in the real world, with real people, and real money, that an integrative approach to healthcare has better health outcomes, and is more cost-effective, than conventional care alone.

Benign Evexia will help to revolutionize this new and vital sustainable model of care. We will accomplish this in several ways:

  • Reveal the wisdom of the “5 Foundations of Vitality” so everyone can attain their optimum level of health and vitality.

  • Engage experienced, forward-thinking integrative medicine practitioners, healers, and enthusiasts to deepen the knowledge and effectiveness of comprehensive integrative healthcare.

  • Create an educational knowledge base of cost-effective treatments for different conditions using integrative medicine & holistic healing methods.

  • Embrace the practices of sustainable medicine: financially, ecologically, and on a community level.

  • Share this educational content by using the power of our social media online community, to spread the benefits of a proactive holistic lifestyle paradigm to the world.

  • Optimize the comprehensive knowledge of all branches of medicine and strive to constantly improve healing practices, in order to discover the least invasive & most cost-effective cures for ALL diseases and conditions.

  • Demonstrate the real-world cost-effectiveness of Integrative Medicine & Holistic Health on the cost trend in the Nigerian healthcare system, by partnering with Integrative Medicine Advocates, to launch their dynamic integrative medicine corporate wellness program.

  • Transform the current healthcare system by pooling resources towards proactive holistic health promotion, to prevent and reduce the severity and frequency of costly diseases, hospitalizations, medications, procedures, surgeries and human suffering. 


Clinical Care

  • Elucidating etiological gene abnormalities based on molecular biology, and promoting holistic healing.

  • Promoting cellular and tissue functioning for organ regeneration.

  • Promoting minimally invasive medical treatments utilizing functional imaging modalities.

  • Developing advanced medical technologies, equipment and research for discovery of new therapeutic measures.

  • Improving the function of the “center for alternative medicine research”.

  • Renewing hope for patients who's diagnosis indicates no abnormalities with experienced verbal diagnosis.

  • Restoring potential for remission through customized and specialized therapeutic modality for misdiagnosed cases.

  • Instant consultation delivery via all devices through our telemedicine network catering to psychotherapy needs.

  • Sensitization program for continuous education of geriatric patients to increase health awareness over common age-relation diseases.

  • Interactive inquiry with broad scope of guidance on decisive process critical to application of surgery as last resort.


  • Practicing holistic medicine from the standpoint of the patients.

  • Fostering the development of excellent medical human resources in order to constantly improve the future of medicine.

  • Promoting advanced medical treatments that can then be disseminated worldwide.

  • Contributing to the advancement of local health care and medicine.

  • Making a difference in a society of unaware populace taking actions that are detrimental to their own health.

  • Bringing the masses to an understanding of the natural ways to handle their health and have their wellbeing in their own hands.

  • Creating a purpose filled life for people who have been mentally and emotionally entrapped by their physical health predicaments.


Medical Care

  • As a core center of the local medical units, helping to provide community based high quality alternative healthcare.

  • Improving the primary care and providing holistic medicine for patients.

  • Practicing multidisciplinary medical care (advanced emergency care, intensive care, perinatal care, quantum resonance diagnosis and therapy of cancers) by closely collaborating with other professionals in order to eliminate any existing barriers between various medical fields.

  • Promoting highly-advanced medical treatment using the most effective and efficient modalities from the orients.

  • Promoting medical cooperation between local health and wellness centers.


Education and Training

  • Providing medical education and therapy training before and after graduation from the standpoint of human science.

  • The key words of our medical education and physiotherapy training programs are: improving the quality of life of the patients.

  • Improving team-work the prevention of medical accidents, and reaching a better understanding medical economics by improving cost-effectiveness.

  • Utilizing computer-assisted education systems to improve both medical education and clinical training.

  • Improving the clinical training of medical students, especially regarding such training programs as the “Physiotherapy Clerkship”.

  • Improving the medical training system for post-graduate students to enable them to acquire various specialist qualifications.

  • Contributing to the continuing education of physiotherapists and Health professionals involved in community healthcare.

  • Holding extension courses for citizen and supporting patient’s communities as educational programs to the local society.

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Musculoskeletal therapy

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Neuromuscular therapy

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